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The nose reveals notes of coriander and curacao and, in the end, sour apricot because of the acidity caused by raw wheat. Initially fresh and balance, taste gives way to decided citrus notes that fade slightly bitter feeling, accompanied by a good acidity that make this a typical summer beer. It goes well with fresh and semi-mature cheeses and cold pasta


The nose perceives clearly the toast accompanied by licorice, cocoa, fruit in alcohol and pear. In the mouth the first feeling is warm and full and then gives way to toasted notes as the nose offers sensations of liquorice and cocoa that are transformed with the warm of the beer in prune, spirit fruits and vanilla in the end. An important meditation beer during the long winter evenings perhaps with a good cigar. Lends itself as being tasted with raw fish and shellfish. Also good with blue cheeses.


The nose offers scents of grapefruit and bitter orange accompanied by banana. In the mouth, the first sensation is of a rich and full malt followed by notes of citrus (pink grapefruit peel) and a large grassy scent. A cut not too dry with hints of white fruits will decree the final. Not too complex, it’s the perfect companion for so many occasions. It goes well with melted cheeses, pizza and potatoes dishes


In the nose decided grassy notes go well with delicate malty notes, primarily acacia honey that end with a more discreet green apple. In the mouth it is immediately perceived the delicate and sweet maltiness and then aromas of herbs, resin, grass clippings, acacia honey and white pulp fruit. Very drinkable, it’s perfect with summer cold dishes and for those who want to try it with cocoa!


In the nose it’s an explosion of herbal scents, similar to pine buds. Then you can smell the notes like malted fruits in alcohol and dried fruits. In the mouth the first sensation is malty sweet and then an abundance of aromatic resinous hops with a hint of clay scent at the end. Good winter beer. It accompanies well roasts meats and cheeses


In the nose it’s a triumph of tropical scents among them stands the mango. In the mouth it has a full and refined body, contrasted by an important but balanced bitter. The protagonist of the drink, from beginning to end, is certainly the hop that makes JIPA a refreshing beer with a strong personality, perfect companion for every occasion.
It goes well with medium-aged cheeses and blue cheeses such as gorgonzola, with sweet ham, white meat, grilled or steamed vegetables and, in general, with sweet or spicy dishes; it’s also


Obtained from an old farmhouse within the estate Tenuta Agricola Torre a Cenaia, the Birrificio Agricolo Artigianale J63 cultivates independently the barley necessary for the realization of beer.
After harvest, the cereal is sent to the consortium to obtain malt and from there sent back to the Brewery, where the work starts. J63 is part of COBI, Italian Consortium of Barley and Beer Producers and can proudly show the certificated mark BIRRAGRICOLA (Agricultural Beer) in the back label of each bottle.

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